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Peter Lynn Lynx Kite The Peter Lynn Lynx depower foil is your ticket to endless (...See More)
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Peter Lynn Lynx

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Peter Lynn Lynx Kite

The Peter Lynn Lynx depower foil is your ticket to endless fresh powder snowkite sessions and unlimited backcountry adventures. It’s forgiving nature and ease of use makes it the perfect snowkite for riders of all skill levels. Starters will appreciate the kites smooth & constant power delivery and superb stability. Intermediate riders will enjoy the kite’s acceleration and excellent response through the control bar and even advanced riders will be amazed by the kites performance in the more challenging conditions.
The Lynx is rigged with incredibly strong frictionless Ronstan® Series 20 Orbit block pulley’s, a comfortable self landing handle and a flag out safety system that keeps you safe in emergency situations
The Lynx has been developed with the highest quality materials and state of the art production techniques as an “all-round” cruising kite that will have you ride comfortably for hours.
Peter Lynn’s famous stability paired with a perfectly balanced Aspect Ratio results in a kite that is easy to control yet agile enough to keep you smiling for many sessions to come.

Peter Lynn Lynx Kite Characteristics

  • Predictable & quick turning
  • Superb stability
  • Agile but easy to control
  • Versatile and user-friendly
Predictable & quick turning
A lot of our attention while designing this depower foil went into the right and comfortable steering behaviour without losing the agility of the kite. The Lynx is easy and fast enough to get up to speed in lower winds.
Superb stability
Stability is one of the key elements of all Peter Lynn kites and is therefore one of the characteristics that define the the kites intended behaviour. To accomplish this the Lynx has been extensively tested and adjusted in the most extreme conditions. The profiles used in the Lynx give the kite the stability required in an all round and adventurous kite.
Agile but easy to control
Pull in the bar and feel the smooth power build up and acceleration of the Lynx. The power build up is predictable and easy to control. Intermediate and even advanced riders will like this kite for its fast acceleration, quick turning and its performance in strong winds.
Versatile and user-friendly
The Lynx forgiving nature and ease of use makes it the perfect snowkite for riders of all skill levels. The Lynx comes with a comfortable self landing handle that allows you to release or land the kite without having to deal with a lot of power. This makes it a very accessible and fun kite for all riders.

Peter Lynn Lynx Kite Features

  • Webbing reinforced air intakes
  • 5th line safety system
  • High quality frictionless Ronstan® pulleys
  • Dacron reinforced bridle points
  • Specially designed, webbing reinforced cross-vents
  • Self landing handle
  • Samson speed system
  • Stitched Dynacore bridle
  • 70D profiles
  • Bottom skin sewn flat on profiles
  • D-ribs
Innovation you can expect from the worlds leading kite brand.
While developing the Lynx, a lot of our designing efforts were focused on producing a highly dependable kite, strong enough to withstand the often harsh conditions snowkites have to endure. In the features below you can read exactly how far we went to make the Lynx the strongest, most durable and above all; safest snowkite on the market.
Some of these technologies are currently used in our other kites as well, others are completely new to the industry, like how the bridle points are connected to the kite, the bridle point reinforcements and our take on the cross vents.
Webbing reinforced air intakes
Prevent tearing / stretching
The Air intakes on the Lynx are webbing reinforced to minimize the chance of damage/tearing when the kite accidently snags behind an obstacle.
Stitched Dynacore (Polyester cover with Dyneema® core) bridle
Strong and direct
The Dynacore bridle combines a strong, wear resistant outer shell over a pre-stretched Dyneema® core. The outer shell protects the core from freezing, damaging while the Dyneema® core ensures a direct steering behaviour. The bridle loops are stitched back for smoothness and less air resistance.
Double stitched X shaped, Dacron reinforced bridle points
Strong and secure connection
Because of the amount of power that the bridle points get to endure throughout the life of the kite we have reinforced these points with a Dacron patch which is cross stitched onto the profile making the bridle points on the Lynx the strongest, most durable and safest on the market.
Bottom skin sewn flat onto the profiles
New extra strong construction method
The bottom skin gets a second stitch which secures the seam onto the profile. This way the load on the profile is equally divided over the two seams which results in a much stronger canopy.
Samson speed system
High grade, wear & tear resistant
The depower system on the Lynx’ bridles is made out of high quality Dyneema Samson line. These line are highly wear&tear resistant and are color coded.
Mirai top skin, bottom skin & D-ribs
Only the best fabrics
Most Peter Lynn traction kites are made out of Mirai ripstop. This fabric has constant quality, low porosity and a  high tearing resistance. The soft coating makes the kite shape a lot smoother than most other kites.
Velcro bridle loop
Store without tangles
A velcro bridle loop is placed on the center profile to lock your bridles loops. this prevents the bridles from tangling up when packing up, it also greatly reduces set-up time so you will be off riding quicker.
Kook proof bridle loops
Easy, hassle free line connection
The bridle loops are fitted with a kook proof system so you can only connect the correct flying line to the correct bridle loop. This system prevents you from connecting the lines in the wrong way.
Fifth line safety
Flag out system
This system allows you to release / land your kite without having to deal with a lot of power. This in combination with the Magnet bar safety systems make the Lynx one of the safest kites out there.
Webbing reinforced, elliptical cross-vents
New bombproof construction method
If a kite crashes nose down the pressure inside the kite has nowhere to go, often resulting in the profiles tearing with tears always starting at the cross vents. So instead of using the traditional round cross vents we have chosen for a fresh approach and decided on two separate elliptical cross vents reinforced with webbing. When power is put on  the profile circular cross vents have the tendency of becoming elliptical and rip. Because these newly designed cross vents are already elliptical the force needs to be a lot higher to damage them. This in combination with the webbing reinforcement make for the strongest cross vents on the market.
High quality frictionless Ronstan® pulleys
Durable, strong and high grade pulleys
State of the art Ronstan Series 20 Orbit Block pulleys have an extremely long lifespan and can withstand a high working load for a long time without failing. In the rare occasion the pulley might fail the bridle will lock into each other because the bridle goes through the center of the pulley instead of around it. This will prevent you and your kite from crashing.
Zigzagged brake bridle connection
A new standard in dependability
The brake bridle loops are folded into the trailing edge seam and stitched into place. After this each bridle loop is zigzag stitched onto the the trailing edge as well to make the connection very strong and durable.
70D Profiles
Improve durability & reduce luffing
The profiles of the Lynx are made out of 70D ripstop nylon, this stronger & heavier fabric has a firm coating to prevent the profiles from distorting which help keep the kite in shape and overall improve the kites flying behaviour.
Strategically placed D-ribs
Minimize bridling and improve canopy shape
D-ribs is short for diagonal ribs. D-ribs support the top skin and if placed right make it possible to drastically reduce the number of bridle points needed to keep the canopy in shape, less bridling means less air resistance which in turn make for better overall performance.
Dirt channel and velcro dirt outlet
Get debris out the kite easy
The profiles all end a few cm before the trailing edge effectively creating a ‘tunnel’ through which any debris can move through. While flying, debris has the tendency to collect in the wingtips and because the last few cells are usually closed this makes it hard to get the debris out of the kite, the velcro outlets near the trailing edge solve this problem.
The Lynx is available kite only or complete. The package contains:
  • Lynx Depower kite
  • Lynx Backpack
  • Peter Lynn 5th line depower kite manual
  • Peter Lynn promotional items
  • Peter Lynn 5th line Magnet bar (complete set only)
  • 350/350 daN Dyneema® flying line set (complete set only)
  • Safety leash (complete set only)
There are 2 colors combinations available per size:
  • Lynx  5m2 - Teal/lime & Blue
  • Lynx  7m2 - Teal/pink & Lime
  • Lynx  9m2 - Teal/lime & Blue
  • Lynx 11m2 - Teal/pink & Lime
Kite size / bar size:
  • Lynx  5m2 - Magnet bar small 22m lines
  • Lynx  7m2 - Magnet bar small 22m lines
  • Lynx  9m2 - Magnet bar small 22m lines
  • Lynx 11m2 - Magnet bar large 25m lines
Magnet control bar
The Magnet is designed with optimal ease of use in mind, even with gloves on. It comes complete with safety leash, Centrix depower loop, power adjuster, land & relaunch system and lines.

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