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Peter Lynn Charger Twin Skin Depowerable Kite: Peter Lynn Charger is the u (...See More)
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Peter Lynn Charger Depower Kites

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Peter Lynn Charger Twin Skin Depowerable Kite:

Peter Lynn Charger is the ultimate high performance all terrain kite. The highly durable Charger performs excellent on the water, snow and sand alike and is the perfect crossover kite to get your kicks out of any sport you practice, all year round.

Peter Lynnn Charger Performance and Features:

Fast Flying and Turning Speed:

Enjoy a fast flying kite while jumping, wave riding and kite loops! The new profile shape and tip design make the Peter Lynn Charger turn fast and easy with a comfortable bar pressure.

Exceptional Low End Performance:

using the latest design techniques and VPC system the Peter Lynn Charger has more low end power than any twin skin ever made.

Unmatched Stability:

Even in the gusty inland conditions, Peter Lynn Charger is extremely stable, it is virtually impossible for this kite to luff!

Unique and unparalleled Zenith:

When you let go of the bar with your depower hooked in, The kite automatically flies to Zenith. Entry-level riders as well as experts will enjoy this feature and help them to move to next level of kiting.

Incomparable Robost Construction:

By using the high quality materials, the latest construction techniques and by applying the special reinforcements, the Charger is even more bomb-proof than previous Twinskins.

No Bladders, No Pumping, 4 Line Simplicity and No Hassle!

Enjoy high performance and good depower without having a kite with complicated or fragile components.

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