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Longboards UK Stockist

Longboarding is basically a prominent way of skateboarding. As compared to the conventional street model, Longboarding features a more elongated style and design. While street skateboarding emphasizes on spinning and flipping the board, Longboarding focuses on meeting high speed results and turns. Longboarding sport down the hill can be traced back into the invention days of the skateboard in the early 1950s.

Longboarding is still a relatively young but constantly growing sport. It is relatively easy to take part in and have fun. Competitions are high around the world. Racers and skaters begin from the hill top and race to the finish line at thee bottom, the first to cross wins. Real simple, and it is loved in that very manner. With the daily emerging technology, one can only expect that longboards game will get better and better and gain more popularity.

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