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Balloon Occasions - Helium Gas Cylinder Creating an instant attraction couldn' (...See More)
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Helium Gas for Balloons


Balloon Occasions - Helium Gas Cylinder

Creating an instant attraction couldn't be easier with Balloon Occasions.

Everything you need to create an eye-catching display is delivered in one box.

At the heart of the pack is a lightweight disposable helium cylinder capable of inflating up to forty 9" latex balloons.  

Weighing only 4.7kg, it is easy to carry and transport.

No deposit required: when the cylinder is empty it can be safely disposed of at a local civic amenity site.

The Balloon Occasions pack is supplied with a helium gas safety data sheet and incorporated on the box are  inflation instructions, and, in the case of the latex version, a balloon sizer.

The sizer enables you to fill all balloons to the same size, maximising float times and minimising the risk of bursting.

Balloon Occasions can be ordered with latex balloons or you can opt for a pack without balloons, allowing you to use your own or BOC themed balloon packs.

Balloon Occasions Helium Gas Cylinder

  • 1 x lightweight, disposable cylinder of helium balloon gas with tilt valve
  • 0.33m³ helium
  • cardboard balloon sizer
  • inflation instructions
  • 1 x helium balloon gas safety data sheet

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