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Flysurfer Speed 3 Kites: The Speed 2 has been on the market for around 3 years no (...See More)
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Flysurfer Speed 3

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Flysurfer Speed 3 Kites:

The Speed 2 has been on the market for around 3 years now. It has dominated the light wind kiting performance and provided more hang-time than any other kite. Never before has a kite been the measure of things in lightwind performance and hang-time for three years in a row. Flysurfer do not release new kites unless they are genuinely better than their predecessors in every way. The Speed 2 is pretty tough to follow.

In order to create the Speed 3 Flysurfer have put in:

  • an 18-month-long development time
  • new construction software
  • endless hours of overtime
  • countless tests all over the world
  • Andreas Hanrieder to complete the development team

The bar has been raised yet again with the Speed 3.

A top priority was to not lose any of the Speed 2’s light wind performance whilst improving significantly in terms of agility, depower and speed. Armin Harich, Flysurfers top man is convinced this has been achieved.

The Speed 3 turns more tightly and faster even in the lightest winds. Thanks to the “Triple Depower Technology“, contact to the kite is always present even when fully depowered. Numerous optimizations to the profile have resulted in a more effective and direct depower effect. The already large wind range has expanded again.


The legendary hang-time has just gotten even sweeter with more jump height, and thanks to the increased agility, kiteloops now belong to the Speed 3’s repertoire. Whether old-school, big-air, racing or lightwind cruising - the Speed 3 sets new standards and redefines performance.

Naturally, stability also had to be considerably enhanced in order to make the gains in agility and depower controllable – no easy task. The Flysurfer developers have successfully integrated this into the design of the Speed 3.

The flag-out function of the kite also demanded a complete redesign to cover the increased wind range. The tapered front edge allows for exceptional flagging out safety with only 4 lines ensuring good relaunch.

Flysurfer Speed 3 Kite Sizes:

  • 12m - 15m - 19m

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