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Flysurfer Kitesurfing Kites

Flysurfer kitesurfing kites are developed with the most state-of-the-art software in aviation sport, and Flysurfer are the only manufacturer who puts their material to the test in a wind tunnel. All of this, in order to offer you the most advanced kites on the market!

The unique design of a Flysurfer kite is immediately recognizable at any spot in the world. Innovative detailed solutions and intensive material testing results in a product unequalled on the market.

The Flysurfer double sail-design facilitates stress-free kiting. This begins with weight and pack size. Get onto the water in seconds, without pumping or a helper. Once on the water the simplest water-relaunch, a sophisticated safety system and incredible upwind performance and lift will make sure you enjoy your session.

That's not all. Flysurfer kites have a product life that outperforms every other kite on the water.

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