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Flexifoil Hunter Kite Landboard: IDEAL FOR: All level of rider. (...See More)
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Flexifoil Hunter Landboard

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Flexifoil Hunter Kite Landboard:

IDEAL FOR: All level of rider.

The Canadian maple Flexifoil Hunter deck incorporates four layers of tri-axial fibreglass, offering outstanding pop and shock absorption. The high quality trucks feature a 12mm hollowed axle which is not only light but is incredibly strong. The package is finished off with rigid foot straps which offer unparalleled adjustability and a direct comfortable feel.

Flexifoil Hunter Outline Shape:

The shape is unique and has been designed to be perfectly balanced. Under your feet there is a wide platform. This allows the rider to get the maximum amount of turning leverage to enable quick sharp turns. It also gives the rider the feeling of a large solid platform to nail those tricks on.

The centre of the board is much narrower. The reason is all to do with grabs, board-offs and varials. Having a narrow waist allows the rider to grab the board as close as possible to the centre point of balance. Grabbing here makes the board feel much lighter and more balanced allowing finger flips, spins and general board maneuvers.

Excess material has also been removed around the tips of the board. This not only reduces the swing weight of the board but it also allows the rider to grab the deck much easier without interference from the wheels.

  • Perfect balance
  • Wide platform
  • Narrow waist
  • No excess material - weighs only 5.8kgs complete

The Profile

The Flexifoil Hunter kite landboard has 15 degree tips. This gives the Hunter very stable and predictable steering, ideal for speed and carving. The Hunter also has a low slung deck. This lowers the centre of gravity and helps to make the Hunter feel solid and stable.

The Lay-up Construction

Only the best materials from around the world have been used in the Flexifoil Hunter. Canadian maple grows much slower due to the cold environment; this makes it a lot stronger than other maples from around the world which is why we use it in the Hunter.

The materials Flexifoil use are only as good as the glues that hold it together. Flexifoil couple an American epoxy with a European hardener to give us the ultimate glue and ensure a very strong solid lay-up.

The Hunter also has 4 layers of tri-axial fibreglass within its lay-up. These have been strategically positioned for the maximum weight to strength ratio, a super smooth ride and maximum pop. Protecting the Hunter is a TPU sheet. The graphic material has been chosen for it’s resilience to rocks ensuring the Hunter stays looking good and making it great for sliding on rails.

  • The best materials
  • Canadian maple
  • Designed in the UK
  • Performance USA epoxy and European hardener

Flexifoil Hunter Kite Landboard Package comes ready to ride with:

  • Deck
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bindings
  • Tool kit
  • Instructions

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