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Flexifoil Blade VIP Kites: For the very finest traction kiters, for the most impo (...See More)
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Flexifoil Blade VIP Power Kites

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Flexifoil Blade VIP Kites:

For the very finest traction kiters, for the most important people in the scene today, Flexifoil presents the latest addition to the Blade V power kite range. Offering you a kite you can be proud of, at a proven level of performance, we give you the FLEXIFOIL BLADE VIP. Based on the proven Blade IV, the 8.5m2 revision of this canopy takes an established and phenomenally performing power kite, adding in some tweaks and refinements that we've learnt from the intensive development of the Blade V and re-mastered this into the Blade VIP package.

Flexifoil Blade VIP offers you the power and performance you need to push traction kite sports to the top of your game, you won't find a more aggressive foil on the market with a stronger pull or boost. The Blade VIP is alive with power and flying precision to help you excel and reach a new level of adrenaline powered kiting.

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Blade VIP technical specs

Flexifoil Blade VIP technical Information:

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You’ll find the same features on the Blade VIP as exist on all current production Blade V kites:

Clean Aerofoil Design
Computer Aided Design gives you a true flight characteristic, analysed in full 3D for accurate panel shaping and resulting in true performance in every aspect of the kite.

Internal Cross-Bracing
Internal V-ribs dissipate load across the full canopy, improving its shape and increasing the projected span and area of the canopy, resulting in increased lift and more power!

Cross Bridle
Built in cross-bridling increases the turn speed and decreases the turning circle, and linked in with handy adjustment points, you’ll find you have the ultimate in personal performance. 

Triple A Bridle Adjuster
The Triple A adjuster, as standard on all kites in the Blade V range, varies the relationship between the main lines and the brake lines and in doing so changes the angle of the attack of the kite to give you enhanced customization over the performance of the kite, an aspect we consider greatly important for you guys at the top of your game.

Cross Port Venting
Cross port venting allows air through-flow between the cells to support optimum consistency when inflated, adding particular efficiency to the kite during launch and turns.

Unique Limited Edition Design
Bringing back the 8.5m2 canopy to the Blade V range, we wanted to do something special so we created the unique limited edition look to the VIP to celebrate the greatness of those riders using it. We wanted to give you something you can be proud of when seeing it in the sky and with the look we created, we really think we’ve nailed it!  

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